Who’s Who

Looking the period part on the 2011 Winter Challenge to Monte Carlo

Andrew Duerden 

Part of Andrew’s day job is as a professional route organiser for new car launches so he comes with an extensive knowledge of interesting roads and locations.  He was part of the organising team on one of the biggest scenic tours ever when Vauxhall celebrated their centenary with a 14 day 1000 mile tour for over 50 vehicles around the UK in 2003.  Also an active organiser and competitor on classic car events, Andrew felt the region needed an event in the Scenic Tour calendar. He came up with the Welland Valley Wander after taking friends and parties along the roads featured on this event, and finding that many didn’t know what was on their own doorstep.

Keith Baud

Keith Baud

Another experienced classic car event organiser, Keith will be writing the descriptive notes for the Welland Valley Wander.  Keith has a habit of ferreting bits of information to make one exclaim “well, I didn’t know that!”.  Keith, like Andrew, has been involved in organising events for over 30 years, although his idea of white coats whilst marshalling in the snow (see right) was not one his finest hours!  Expect an interesting read from the route notes.



Sometime impersonator of Tintin’s Snowy and all round good egg, Douglas is well known on classic car events and has marshalled on many events in the past 24 months.  The one ear up and one down style is a permanent feature that puts a smile on everyone’s face



Guarding the winning cars at St Andrews at the finish of the Flying Scotsman Rally